QRL_FINAL_w_Variations_crop_medres copyWhat happens when an introverted feminist academic tosses off her big black nerd glasses and succumbs to a brutal crush on a hard-rockin’ Texas boygirl? Paige Schilt’s journey introduces us to self-determined Southern belles, singing sperm donors, gay evangelicals, and tattooed subcultural kinfolk. Along the way, it challenges the notion that queer life belongs in cities, that family is always heteronormative, that gender can ever be neatly settled, and that a good romance ends with the honeymoon. Teaching us how to embrace fluidity and find meaning in life’s messiness, Queer Rock Love reminds us that our trials and tribulations can be some of the most powerful sources of community and connection.

“Her tale has the narrative arc and vividly drawn characters of a compelling novel.” —Bitch Magazine

“Schilt’s prose, as honest as it is discerning, guides us through difficult territory.” —Gay and Lesbian Review

“A well-balanced, soul-searching family memoir with broad appeal.”—Kirkus Reviews